Find, connect and engage with perfectly targeted people on Facebook automatically

Stop wasting time with people who will never buy from you. Use FriendHunter to automatically find your targeted buyers for you and help you sell more.

Finding leads and automating the process.

Finding the right people to target and sending them requests one by one on Facebook is really hard and time-consuming. Even if you waste 5 hours a day, you would end up sending requests to people who are not your targeted audience.

If you’re selling cameras or camera related tools for example, who are your targeted audience? For one, Photographers are your targeted audience. Right?

Manually, it would be hard for you to find photographers and target each of them one by one.

FriendHunter will automatically find the right people and send them friend requests and send a message too to get the conversation started.

Now you don't need to send friend requests to low-quality leads who do not have anything in common with your ideal customer.

Use FriendHunter’s intelligent targeting system to find the people who will be actually interested in your offer or product. 

Send Friend Requests

Send friend requests automatically based on many targeting options. Target specific You can even target specific groups’ members.

Send a Message with Request

Along with a friend request, you can also send a pre-defined message to the user to get the conversation started.

Auto-send Welcome Message

Sends a message automatically to friend requests you receive to ward out spammers before accepting them to your friend list.

Video Demo of How Friend Hunter Works

Add Targeted Friends and Start Conversations automatically with the Click of a Button!

FriendHunter automatically finds your suitable target audience and sends them a friend request and also sends them your pre-defined message.

With the many configurable options, you can pinpoint your exact targeted audience with FriendHunter.

Save time and get things done.

No more wasting hours every day on Facebook trying to find new leads and ending up with nothing.

FriendHunter will save you hours every day and give actual results.

Send a message when you get a friend request

Now you can also set FriendHunter to automatically send a pre-defined message to whoever sends you a friend request to verify if it’s a real person or a bot and if you would actually benefit from having them on your friends list. 

You can set many different messages to send automatically to new requests you receive as well as to friend requests you send. 

The built-in Spintax ensures all your messages are unique and don’t end up in Spam.

Many Targeting Options.

Find and target your exact audience with FriendHunter’s many targeting options. 

You can target people based on gender, which country they belong to, what they do, what they have on their profile and many other targeting options. 

Other features...

Time Interval for requests

You can set the software to add a time delay between each friend requests to make sure you don’t over do it. 

Set up different messages

You can set up different canned messages with FriendHunter to send for different situations and different people. 

Spintax for Messages

Use Spintax to automatically spin your message text for each request to not send exact same message to everyone. 

All automatic

All of this is done completely on Autopilot and you don’t have to do anything else once you set it up. 

What does our clients say?

“I got to beta test the software for a few weeks and it’s unbelievably good. THIS changes the whole game… new contacts and leads keep coming. Now that it’s launched officially, I’m a permanent customer!”

Jessica Schweizer

Land Agent

“Fan-freaking-tastic – works amazingly and excellent customer service: they fixed any bugs in the beta version very quickly. It works even more perfectly now.”

George Molina

Security Sporting Goods

“It saves me so much time and has absolutely increased my business. It’s priceless.”

Terry O'Neill

Acoustical Carpenter

Start getting more leads and saving time today!

"Many of our customers have skyrocketed the profitability of their businesses while saving hours of free time every day with FriendHunter's powerful features. You could achieve the same, right now!"

FriendHunter is not just a software, it’s a mindset you will be getting into. Think about automating more things, getting more leads and sales, and staying above the rat race with unique knowledge.

How much is something that can save you a lot of time and get you a lot of leads/sales every month worth to you?

You can easily pay $100+ for this every month, right? But you don’t have to pay that much for FriendHunter.

You’ll find it one of the best value for money tools.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to your most commonly asked questions

What is FriendHunter?

FriendHunter is a software that can automatically find targeted people on Facebook and sends them friend requests and messages on your behalf helping you grow your network and increase leads on AutoPilot.

Is FriendHunter Safe to Use?

Yes, FriendHunter is completely safe to use. 

Is FriendHunter "Beginner Friendly"?

Yes, it is beginner friendly and very easy and fun to use. You’ll actually love using FriendHunter, it does so much without any effort from your side.

Do you provide Support?

Yes, of course, you can contact us anytime for anything!

Is there an affiliate program?

No, we have something better. We have FriendHunter Reseller Program, shoot us an email at [email protected] to learn more about it.

The best and most powerful Facebook lead finder tool. Find and reach perfect leads on Facebook on autopilot.

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